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What Can Twitter Do For Your Business?

tsFor many of us staying in Singapore, the number of Twitter users is relatively much smaller than Facebook but if your business in Singapore is targeting International customers, please read on as we convince you that Twitter can do good things too.

Twitter is important marketing tool for your growing business even though unlike Facebook, you have max 160 characters limit to convey your message. Here are some amazing things Twitter can do for your business.

1. Bring in new leads
The method to get new customers by using Twitter lies in healthy balance of promotional and non-promotional Tweets, incentives to your customers, and creative content worth sharing. When you tweet with the right hashtags, it will exposed to broader audience because your content is easier to be found.

2. Build up customers’ loyalty
In Twitter, you can quickly response and interact on a personal basis. When possible, try to reply open question or simple thanking those who give your business shout out.

3. Publish your expertise
It’s again what you tweet reflects whatever inside you. Again here we see that content is king, to ultimately prove to followers that you are worth subscribing for.

4. Meet new business connections
In Twitter, it is easy to discover people or business in the same industry. Who knows how things can end after establishing relationship with these people.

Alright, we hope you are convinced enough that being one of the top social sites, when done properly and consistently, Twitter can definitely useful for your business.

Like Facebook Advertisement, Twitter also has its own self-service advertisement that many people don’t know yet (because we also think it’s still in the early stage.

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