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Effective Outdoor Advertising

In this small city of Singapore, we find most people are conveniently walking and jogging along the road also, taking public transportation. It makes sense to create advertising outdoor such as on billboard, taxi, bus stop, or even on the bus itself.

Here are some tips for your consideration to be effective in outdoor advertising.

1. Six words or less.
On the go, people won’t be able to read and grasp things slowly. What you want to communicate must be there in six words or less and with a huge text size.

2. Get Noticed, But Don’t Make Your Billboards a Huge Distraction.
You would make people’s eyes look at your advertisement but also consider their safety by not distracting them.

3. The More, The Better.
Use combination of outdoor mediums, the non-moving and moving ones. Bus and taxi may be a very good option as it keeps traveling and be seen by different people.


4. Be Creative.
Creative advertisement stands out. Make people impressed and remember your business.

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