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10 Website Elements That Matter

webelementsCommon expectation on creating any website or e-commerce website, can be described in one sentence: “I want a sophisticated, super cool, flashy-effect website”. Hold on a moment, have you considered who is going to visit the website and what tools your visitors are probably using? Visitors may be using mobile devices that have certain limitations such as screen size, plugins, bandwidth, or even colors.

We have done careful assessment coupled with our experiences in web creations; summarized and recommend you these 10 website elements that matter:

1. Avoid using advertorial pop-up window that blocks viewing the entire website.  Think through the reasons what the visitors want from your website in the first five seconds.

2. No flash, use jQuery instead. Most mobile device particularly iPhone and iPad won’t play flash. They likely to see message similar to “No-plugin supported”. JQuery is a browser-friendly script that does not require Adobe Flash technology and mostly implemented as image presentation or manipulation components.

3. Use breadcrumb if you have second or more of page-level structure, so that visitor knows where he/ she is inside your website. Also make the breadcrumb clickable enabling access to parent page.

4. Don’t overuse banner ads (or anything that looks like an ads). If you do, consider the impact of these ads to loading time.

5. Different color for hyperlinks, no disguising and no broken links. This improves readability factor of the whole communication effort. Always check and check before launching.

6. Avoid long scrolling page. If a page is indeed long, provide “back to top” link or sticky bar that follows the visible part of the screen.

7. Logo must always send visitor to the homepage.

8. Consider how the website gets rendered in different web browsers and screen resolution.

9. Always put Contact information and form that works.

10. Make it easier to find information by using search or site map.

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