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5 Benefits Of Directing Followers To Social Media

Social media marketing and advertising is a pretty big deal. Increasing numbers of established and new companies are running online ads that focus less on pitching their products; and more on promoting their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.


Jump on the bandwagon if you still haven’t – as we have here the top 5 benefits of social media for your business:

1. Increase Awareness and Visibility

Majority of the population is already visiting social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. Getting your name all over those networks can help let people know of your existence, and if already so, create more awareness as the web field is huge and trending beyond words.

2. Boost Interactivity

Social media is a convenient way to speak to your customers. Feedback functions encourage customers to leave opinions and constructive criticisms, effectively instilling your customers a sense of belonging as their voice gets heard.

3. Access Market Research

Market research through surveys and questionnaires are essential for the better of your business and its approach towards its customers. Information obtained can be used to tweak future marketing strategies to enhance your product or service, and better meet your customers’ needs.

4. Better Targeting

Targeting segments instead of all internet users identifies the people who are interested and eager to discover what you have to offer. Niche targeting improves your main website’s PageRank for Google, Bing and Yahoo. Conversely, there is modern SEO and SEM tactics which expose your business to a wider audience but still bring you only a selected clientele.

5. Increase Customer Loyalty

Because social media marketing is at a personal level, your customers feel comfortable speaking to you. This will help build up their trust in you; hence your network of core supporters will keep bringing your company business by referring it to others when they are pleased with what they are finding.

Having said, it is the continual attention from both your business and its customers that creates interest and traffic. What’s more is social media is the most cost efficient and effective viral marketing method possible. If you are interested in using online media sites to spread the word about your business, you can easily benefit by engaging with our conscientious and results-orientated staffs!

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