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5 Benefits Of Integrating Email With Social

5 Benefits Of Integrating Email With Social

Email marketing has the ability to communicate and alert customers with new contents and relevant messages which is critical to the success of a business.

Marketing professionals consider email subscription more valuable than fan or follower status on a social media site because it requires a stronger level of commitment on behalf of the individual. Social media fans and followers may like your company, but that doesn’t mean they pay significant attention to your status updates on your social media pages.

The connection between social media and email marketing make it an ideal direct channel. Hence, you must leverage email marketing with social media marketing for ultimate online business success. We have researched statistics and gathered evidence for 5 benefits of integrating social media efforts with email marketing strategy:

1. Increase Click-Through Rate

’42% active social networkers check their email account four or more times a day, compared to 27% of those that don’t use social media. 63% use the same email account for social media messages. Over 20% of social media users have shared something from an email campaign to their social accounts via a share option.’

Opening your customers’ options to more marketing platforms escalates CTR.

2. Disseminate Larger Information

Email marketing grants you the permission and opportunity to persuade your customers. The scale of audience may not be as large as that of social media, but can hold more content as your customers have chosen direct subscription for more intensive updates.

3. Direct Intimacy

Joining a mailing list, subscribing for newsletters and/ or opting for latest updates generates an interaction that is more direct and intimate; kindling familiarity which boosts the effectiveness of email marketing.

4. Express Importance

Similar to the concept of air mail and other postage; paper is sealed in an envelop expressing importance and confidentiality of the document held inside. Customers are used to reading their mails even if they do intend to rid them later as it may actually be of importance; junk mails are automatically filtered from important mails and are easy to clear, hence there is no need to worry about inconvenience.

5. Cost-Efficient

Direct mailing is no doubt the most effective marketing technique but can be costly and risky at the same time. Marketers who made an error in content or postage have to recall the mail batch; which can amount to heaps of revenue wasted. Email marketing in contrast is cost efficient and less risky; all you need is substantial content to keep your customers interested on a regular basis.

So there you have it, the benefits of integrated marketing – Email is the best way to distribute your message while social media is the best way to have it spread. If you haven’t started embodying email marketing in your overall social media strategy, read 8 Ways To Integrate Email With Social. Also, take a look at the infographic image below illustrating the value of email by SmarterTools.


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