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5 Things You Should Not Do On Social Media

socialmediasGood content attracts people and we’ve slowly catch it why it works. But if there are some things to learn from other people’s mistake, here is what we want to talk about in this post.

Mistake number 1: Posting too much.
Yes, unless you are post a truly necessary post, it is always good to not flooding fans with unnecessary posts. A few times each day is enough to get you noticed and it is still convenient for fans.

Mistake number 2: Always talking about yourself and being too hard selling
Every fan would think of “what can I get” from your post but do look out for other area of their interest related to your products and services. They want you to focus on their wants and needs, and deliver real value to them on your social channels. Make sure you aren’t being self-centered. Social media is a great channel to run promotions and feature special offers, but keep the selling to a reasonable volume.

Mistake number 3: Your social profile design is outdated and making language mistakes
The look and feel of your social media profiles is important. Get creative on Facebook timeline cover, make an attractive header image and best version of your logo for your profile picture. When it comes to writing, be sure to proof all of your posts free from spelling and grammar mistakes that can make you look unprofessional.

Mistake number 4: You’re trying to solve problems only through social media, or even not at all.
Social media is also seen as the perfect place to post complaints and questions. It is very important to consider replying each comment and when necessary, ask for their personal contact to resolve the problems.

Mistake number 5: Unclear social media plan goals and plans
Yes, it all comes back to the very basic goal setting and planning isn’t it? Especially if you are the business owner that does not directly involved with handling social media marketing, the first thing you need to align is how your internal workflow must adjust with social media. Although it’s new and fun, social media requires planning and strategy, just like any other marketing channel. If your content is being posted at random hours of the day and night and from an inconsistent brand voice and tone, you probably don’t have a plan. You should understand your goals and how you plan to pursue them before you even start on social media.

We have been helping businesses in Singapore to get their social media right. If you have the idea or even started on doing social media as a new way of marketing, feel free to contact us today via phone (65) 6747 8496 to talk with our marketing specialist.

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