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7 Tips To Get Back Your Creativity

creativityOvercoming creative blocks for writers and designers

Like a writer’s block, designers experience the same frustrating, worrisome and counter-productive state of mind. Having gushes of ideas flow in at once, yet not being able to translate them well onto paper can put you in quite a stressful situation. It is inevitable and happens at least occasionally, so, the real question is how you can deal with – not avoid – creative blocks. These suggestions shall work well for you to get your train of thoughts trailing:

1. Brainstorm

Creatives tend to dive straight into finding solutions to briefs. Instead, take time to brainstorm for inspirations. An hour of brainstorming can path and organize your flow of thoughts better than being bombarded with several huge ideas at once.

2. Prepare for Procrastination

Having bugging thoughts for other assignments while working on a project causes procrastination. Pen down the things you want to procrastinate so they don’t bug you as much, allowing you better concentration on what’s at hand.

3. Start in the Middle

It’s alright to start working in the middle. If you are writing, start with the content and not the title as an elaborated article is usually different from what the title first says. For designers, focus on the most important parts in an artwork – and that’s not usually the composition or placement of logos found commonly at the bottom of advertisements.

4. Do Something Else

Go for a walk, take a break – you deserve one. Play a game, listen to music or read magazines and blogs. Engaging your senses in observation and problem solving can be inspirational and relaxing, promoting a positive effect on your creativity.

5. Ask Questions

You don’t have to wait till all else fails. Ask questions on stuffs you are unsure of, ask for opinions. Conversing with others can widen your knowledge on certain topics, giving you more to write about, more design ideas to visualize on.

6. Look up Inspirational Quotes

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Basically, just look at anything that can spur inspirations like the garden, a television program, books or if you’re at the office, get up and go to the window. Look outside!

7. Sleep on it

Of course if you are the privileged few who works from home at the comfort of the sheets, go on, sleep on it. Fatigue may be the cause of your disarray. Fall into a cloud of dreams, wake up, and make those dreams come true – more often than not they contain the ideal solution to your project!

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