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5 Benefits Of Integrating Email With Social

5 Benefits Of Integrating Email With Social Email marketing has the ability to communicate and alert customers with new contents and relevant messages which is critical to the success of a business. Marketing professionals consider email subscription more valuable than fan or follower status on a social media site because it requires a stronger level of commitment on behalf of the individual. Social media fans and followers may like your company, but that doesn’t mean they pay significant attention to your status updates on your social media pages. The connection between social media and email marketing make it an ideal

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4 Steps To Stay Strong In Online Business

The web is an ever evolving platform. Don’t get stuck in the traditional mindset. As the online business owner, you must keep up with the current trends and future paths of where the web will take your business; else be backtracking as compared to other businesses which are moving forward. An online business that fails to evolve will, in time, lose favor with its customers as it is unable to provide for its customers’ trending internet lifestyle. Attempting to keep your online business vital with fresh and informative content only is not sufficient. Even the best information can remain in-accessed

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5 Benefits Of Directing Followers To Social Media

Social media marketing and advertising is a pretty big deal. Increasing numbers of established and new companies are running online ads that focus less on pitching their products; and more on promoting their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Jump on the bandwagon if you still haven’t – as we have here the top 5 benefits of social media for your business: 1. Increase Awareness and Visibility Majority of the population is already visiting social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. Getting your name all over those networks can help let people know of your existence, and if already

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7 Tips To Get Back Your Creativity

Overcoming creative blocks for writers and designers Like a writer’s block, designers experience the same frustrating, worrisome and counter-productive state of mind. Having gushes of ideas flow in at once, yet not being able to translate them well onto paper can put you in quite a stressful situation. It is inevitable and happens at least occasionally, so, the real question is how you can deal with – not avoid – creative blocks. These suggestions shall work well for you to get your train of thoughts trailing: 1. Brainstorm Creatives tend to dive straight into finding solutions to briefs. Instead, take

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10 Website Elements That Matter

Common expectation on creating any website or e-commerce website, can be described in one sentence: “I want a sophisticated, super cool, flashy-effect website”. Hold on a moment, have you considered who is going to visit the website and what tools your visitors are probably using? Visitors may be using mobile devices that have certain limitations such as screen size, plugins, bandwidth, or even colors. We have done careful assessment coupled with our experiences in web creations; summarized and recommend you these 10 website elements that matter: 1. Avoid using advertorial pop-up window that blocks viewing the entire website.  Think through

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Using Infographics For Advertising

There are times marketers need to convey so much data in a visual manner than just boring numbers. Infographics is found to be an interesting way – of this digitalization age – of doing that. Some use infographics on wine bottle labels, print ads, paper tray mats, posters, stairs, t-shirts, and even embed them in menus; the list goes on. Take a look at some of the examples of creative infographics:      

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