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Attention Facebook Pages Owners

facebook-news-feed-2Here we are for another fresh news of Facebook this January 2014! Just recently jarred a news that Facebook Starts Showing Fewer Text Status Updates From Pages, More From Friends posted on TechCrunch. The official Facebook blog post is here. We can clearly see that News Feed is such a core important Facebook feature that they’ve been improving in, just like Google Search algorithm. When you logged in to Facebook, the first thing you see is News Feed of your friends’ updates.

Facebook team studies the effect of text status updates between friends and pages. They did test by showing people more text status updates in their News Feed. They discovered that:
1. The latest update to News Feed ranking treats text status updates from Pages as a different category to text status updates from friends.
2. Posts from Pages behave differently to posts from friends.

You probably also notice that most friends (personal user) generally post few sentences such as “I just bought new iPad Air from EpiCentre Marina Bay Sands!” or “Having dinner with family.” and these was totally fine.
However, these kind of text-based only status update is not the same effect when posted by pages.

What does it mean for businesses doing marketing using Facebook Pages then?
1. You should be posting page updates with media or link more than (or even not at all) text-only. Use at least image, find useful link, use video.
2. The recommended way of sharing a link is by “embedding it” so Facebook automatically grab the featured image, rather than linking as text.
3. In general, Facebook recommends that you use the story type that best fits the message that you want to tell – whether that’s a status, photo, link or video.

Recommended Way of Posting Into Facebook Pages

Not-so Recommended Way

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