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Engage Your Online Community

We encourage businesses to open up using social media channel and for sure it will soon form a community. The next question asked perhaps: How do I engage with them? What should I do after they Liked my page?

Here are some tips to engage them.

engage1. Provided relevant content. By relevant, it could means topics that your audience like, fresh or trending. Convey what you want customers to know about your business creatively, and be thoughtful in the way you relate your business to your community.
2. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Let your creativity flow and spark them to see which one interest them. If they don’t seem to be interested, don’t be discouraged but to try again next time.
3. Study them. Keep on learning all about your community and how to catch their attention.
4. Give response to their comments or just give a simple thank you for their likes.

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