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How to Prepare Your Social Media Strategy

Very much like getting a blueprints ready before starting off a building construction, every business needs to get its social media strategy right before actually doing it.

When it comes to opening your business in social media world, have a clear mindset that it is a unique and continuous marketing channels. Why we say so? We do print advertisement in newspapers and magazine and in this form of advertisement, most likely it is one-time off. Print medias have limitations to stay in consumer’s mind and memory unless the consumer initiate the action to recall that memory. With social media, there’s give and take and either party may initiate the first action to create a conversation. Even more, an outsider party who’s related to consumer (friends) may initiate the action first to influence a larger base of potential consumers.

In conclusion, using social media means long term commitment in marketing your business. This is the very reason that preparing social media strategy is important for the long haul journey. The landscape is constantly changing therefore the strategy also needs to get reviewed regularly.

sm-strategyHere are some tips from us to prepare for your social media strategy.
1. You need to be able to explain what you really do in 1-3 sentences and it should be understandable even by a 7-years old kid. In Twitter, the limit is 140 characters.
Why you need this? Chances are, people would ask about it and you’ve got to be real quick, so be well prepared in this.
2. Quick to listen, always monitoring. There are countless conversations happening whether it’s directly or related to your business and industry. Find out:

  • Who is talking about your business. Are there specific age group? professional group?
  • What do they talk about? are the reactions positive or negative? What drives such outcome?
  • Where are they talking? is it forum? Facebook? or Twitter?
  • Which social media channel do you think is the best to promote your business?
  • Who are the influencers or leader in the channels
  • Find major competitors and repeat this questions for them

Why you need this? By doing this, we expect you to broaden your view. Scan and get to know your potential audiences. How will it look like “if” you are doing it like your competitor.
3. Set your first few goals and focus on it. If you just started or already started decided what is best for your business:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand reputation
  • Share of voice
  • Customer loyalty
  • Lower customer service cost
  • Sales
  • Fans building

Why you need this? It will affect to what kind of tactics you should be doing in later stage. In most cases if you just started, you would begin with one goal which is Fans building and as it gives progress, once you have enough fan base, it will be more flexible and focused way of determining the next goals.
4. Define the target group that is most likely to be persuaded by your message or benefiting from your business. The following is how Facebook classifies age group. For sure this is only one side of it which is by age and there are more possibility you can segment your audience.
Why you need this? To find what kind of messages and perhaps ads that work with your audience.
5. Estimate how many people know about you. And have you ever interacted with your target?
Why you need this? These are the people you can engage most easily. You can recruit them to spread the word and bring others over to their way of thinking. If you are just starting out then this might be a small group but it’s more important who you are talking to than how many.
6. Plan your content. This is like having your activities scheduled so that you can be at ease in walking the time. Jot down of the type of content attractive to your audience whether it’s video, articles, pictures or anything. Make a schedule, how often are you going to create content.
7. Aim to create conversations. The main goal of your social media activities is to get people talking to you and each other. Engage, interact. You want to open two way communication and form communities around your brand. The content you are creating should make it easy to start and maintain conversations. Participate in conversations on you own site and social media accounts keep the conversation going by replying and commenting.

Pause and rethink all of these for a moment. We hope that you get a clearer mind on how to prepare for your social media strategy. If you have anything to add, please do that in the comments OR if you think you need some guidance, we are happy to help you. Just contact us and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

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