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How Is The Marketing Outlook for 2014?

Yes, we are busy preparing one of the busiest Christmas season of this year! But as we think forward, looking ahead on the marketing landscape for 2014, one thing we can be sure of: Internet and social media will become a must-have marketing strategies. Digital asset management firm WebDAM found that marketing on the social Web will move toward critical mass over the next few years as more budget is allocated by brands, and custom content will become increasingly import as companies fight to develop awareness and win customer mind share in the marketplace.

What are going to change in marketing mix specifically in Singapore area?

  • More and more SMEs will turn to social media, specifically Facebook, to get more likes and exposures mean more awareness for them, but it does not stop on that. As experienced professional agency, we’ve always educate client that Like is just a beginning. Engagement is what gives your brand continuous awareness that will make fans your true fans who love you, your content and ultimately your product.
  • Mobile friendly website is now a must have for every SMEs. No doubt that majority of Singapore businesses own a website, but they are not so interactive, informative and mobile friendly. In the coming year, we are expecting SMEs to begin restructuring their website and even think of doing e-commerce as additional revenue stream.
  • Search Engine Optimization will also play a very important role to generate leads for SMEs. We’ve got so many questions and requests on this; surprisingly only a few business owners truly understand that it takes much more than codes and meta tags for an SEO to be done. Clients we helped (even ourselves) see tremendous benefit of increased organic traffic and leads.
  • Email marketing is still going strong and unbeatable personalized marketing a business could have. We see increase of EDM design requests this year and expect it to be more.
  • Video exposure in Singapore is huge due to relatively fast and ubiquitous Internet. There will be more short, sweet and interesting videos coming up. We are expecting business owners to starting thinking that videos are not only for teens but adults too love to engage with it.
  • Doing event in collaboration with your online campaign is one excellent combination and we found this to be really effective even for next year.

These are just a few aspects that we think it will go for major improvement in Singapore region. We welcome any discussions or comments below, meanwhile take a look of below infographic.


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