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Your Mood and Job Tasks

I found this article interesting titled Use Your Anger To Smash Creative Block. No doubt that for us in advertising industry, creativity is really our core competence and we are passionate about stretching it out beyond any limit.

The article tries to suggest a conclusion based on scientific research.

New evidence suggests that negative emotions might just help our creative abilities in certain areas. Specifically, when you’re in a bad mood, the bad mood is an asset best used to attack a creative block.

The research comes from a trio of European professors who studied the habits of over 100 creative professionals. They asked these creatives to keep a diary of their emotions for a week. At the beginning and the end of every day, the professionals would rate their level of positive emotions (inspiration, excitement, alertness) and their level of negative emotions (stress, hostility, guilt). Interestingly, the most productive participants reported positive emotions at the end of the day, but also noted that they started their most productive days with negative emotions. In other words, they channeled their anger into their work.

This is indeed an interesting point of view that may not be too conclusive, nor applicable to everyone.

Read the original article here.

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