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An SEO Trick Google Does Not Like

Still getting the hangover feeling of Merry Christmas! Yet there is a very interesting story happened yesterday. An article about Google’s Investigating Rap Genius For Using Spammy SEO to Grow Traffic by Valleywag, most people view this as one of the biggest site that got a hit for its SEO ranking.

It began by a Facebook campaign called Rap Genius Blog Affiliate that asked bloggers to add links to Rap Genius’ Justin Beiber pages in the bottom of their blog. This will of course increase backlinks to Rap Genius’ website. In exchange, their blog post will also get a massive traffic. This technique is called “growth hacking”.

screenshot_2055John Marbach furthermore explained in his blog post, exposing how in detail RapGenius’ Growth Hack Exposed. This include his argument on why did they aim for Justin Beiber’s songs. It’s a very interesting article we also recommend you to read.

In response to this, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, felt compelled to publicly state that his team is “aware and looking into it.” from his tweet. Not long after that, results at plummeted in Google’s Search results.

An article published at Search Engine Land by Barry Schwartz even confirms that Google penalized Rap Genius.

So if we could conclude, what are the key takeaways from this lesson?
1. Don’t be too ambitious with your site traffic, instead focus on creating great content that is valuable for your audience. This must be your one of the highest priority if you’re building any website.
2. Build relationships with your readers naturally and sincerely. If you are genuine and your content is great, people would just refer to your website back without being asked.
3. Stay humble. Yeap, sometimes we get too arrogant when we’re on top.

What do you learn from this lesson? Share with us in comments below.

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