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Online advertising states that you can only be successful on the Internet if you use online advertising solutions such as SEO Marketing (Search Engine Optimisation), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Facebook Advertising, and Mobile Optimised Website. This is true, however, Offline Advertising has a part to play too. Offline advertising such as print will look bare and incomplete without a website address. Websites are designed to provide potential customers with complete details on your business products or services.

Offline advertising, or traditional advertising, is a mass media that delivers promotional marketing messages to mass audiences. It includes Above The Line Advertising, Below The Line Advertising, Outdoor Advertising and Event Management.

Above The Line Advertising lets you promote your brand to the mass audience as customers, such as through newspapers, magazine, radio and television. In contrast, Below The Line Advertising lets you promote your brand using a one-to-one approach, such as through the distribution of pamphlets, brochures and promotions placed at point of sale. It allows for your brand to build an intimate relationship with your customer. Ultimately, both techniques require your brand to deliver a specific message to your target audience, which can end with them visiting your website for more information.

For more direct interaction and interactivity, your brand can consider Outdoor Advertising and Event Management. Outdoor Advertising lets you reach your audience while they are outside the home or on the go. Although Event Management reads a lot like glitz and glamour, it has objectives that are to increase brand awareness, improve good will or enhance brand image. Both techniques are effective if your brand is targeted to a large audience, and not specific to each individual.

Event Management also opens doors to public relations opportunities. For example, an event sponsorship lets your brand link its name to a specific cause. By doing so, you automatically improve your brand image with existing customers, and build up your brand name with new customers.

No matter which offline advertising solutions you choose, it is possible to direct your potential customers to your online advertising channels. All you have to do is offer your customers some sort of incentives for visiting your website. Incentives can come in the form of information, discount coupons, special prices and online ordering. Just make sure your customers feel like they will gain something from visiting your website.

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