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Social Media Noises You Can Ignore (Part 2)

If you want to read the first part of this topic, you can click here. No we’ll continue with the social media noises that you can ignore.

6. If your customers are not using social media, you don’t need to do it
While it may be true for some B2B, look at the underlying person behind that business, don’t you think he or she must have at least an email and one social account currently? Besides, you can expect finding much more potential customers by expanding your networking just using social media sites.

7. Disable or even delete negative comments to avoid negative comments
Disabling comments is both anti-social and unwise. People will say what they’re going to say, whether you let them do it on your Facebook Page or they have to use their own Facebook Timeline as their platform. And by allowing people to comment on your own turf, you can manage the conversation, monitor comments, and respond to people appropriately.
Deleting comments can bring many other negative comments and will give impression that you are not sincere and not transparent.

8. Social media is free
Registering to social network does not involve any cost at all but for you to actually use the site to publish content and engage them, all that takes effort which is not free. Try to be effective by investing in people and technologies that can bring the benefits of social media.

9. The number of likes is the most important metric
Likes, or fans are nice, but they may not actually be your revenue source or keep you in business. Instead, think about what matters most for your business such as great product and customer service.

10. You don’t need a strategy for social media
While you need to be good social media marketer and perhaps you’ve got a lot of friends in social media sites, it is always important to go in with a strategy, to know and focus on your goals. Do you have the content you need to publish? Do you know who you want to engage with and how? Have a plan in mind, identify what supporting materials you need, and know how you’re going to measure it on a regular basis.

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