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Social Media Noises You Can Ignore (Part 1)

We understand that as business owner, you have packed schedule daily just to get the business up and running, and suddenly you realize that wow, people are jumping into social media bandwagon here and there! I must join too!
And soon you start running a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and so on and it’s just really confusing and tiring just to manage these things without even seeing the fruits of it.

Here we are to advice you what kind of noises you can ignore when it comes to social media and this post will cover the first half to this topic (because they are so many).

1. Pick a channel you want to focus and that channel has good integration auto-channeling your messages to other channels.
In Singapore, we think that Facebook is by far one of the best platform to focus on since you can integrate it with Twitter (the second widely used social site). However, automation must be used carefully as to certain level of duplication of content.

2. You don’t need email.
The fact is that Facebook and Twitter still can’t replace email even though it is similar messaging system. In Singapore, you need to also think about growing your email database more than social media sites.

3. You need to have account in every single social network
This is totally wrong advice one can give to a business owner. We suggest to look from the other end, that is your customers and see where they are.

4. Social media is the most important thing for SEO.
The real fact is SEO takes both internal and external factors. Your site needs to be properly setup and should be your first priority to get it right. social media is an additional channel — not one that replaces existing efforts like SEO.

5. Use popular hastags to get more exposure
These days, even without hashtags, your social media content can still be found. So you don’t need to be so concern about this.

Give these five things your thoughts and let us know if you have comments below.

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