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The Good and Bad of Video Content

Many times I see people who are commuting train in Singapore busy with their smart phone or tablet for one thing: watching video. Be it YouTube or streaming. Even in YouTube, we now watch advertisement that can be skipped or couldn’t before watching the video you wanted.

So what are the good and bad about doing video content for your business?
Let us start with the good reasons.

1. You can create the video longer. Which also means, it may be more engaging when you use the right way communicating your message. Unlike reading, video content has less tendency to get skipped. It’s also cost less compared to paying for TV ads which is rated based on the length.

2. Placing video content on sites like YouTube or Vimeo is good for exposure and measurable. Again depending how you craft your video content, both sites are giant, so they at least have the crowd to get your business found. Also places you in worry free server crash and they provide the basic statistic well too (such as how many view count, click through rate, etc)


Is there anything bad about doing video content?

My answer is.. it depends. When it comes to people, there’s always cases where by you cannot satisfy everyone. Perhaps some of you experience skipping ads on Facebook? Producing quality video content takes a deep understanding of not only copywriting and merely graphics design, but also video and story telling skills.

A Starcom study found that 45 percent of viewers had a negative reaction to online video ads, versus 39 percent who had a negative reaction to TV ads. People watching YouTube ads using Google’s TrueView format (which lets them skip the ads) watch those ads just 15 to 45 percent of the time, which means a lot of ads are being skipped.

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