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Things Your Customers Will Ask In 2014

I read an interesting article written by Barry Moltz, published by OpenForum. He argues that customers will be more difficult to please and in the same time, they will be more demanding as well!

Here are 10 predictions of what will customer demand:

  1. Personalized customer service
  2. Ability to track orders and research history
  3. Swift response to tweets and Facebook posts
  4. Immediate shipment or quick delivery of a service
  5. Try and buy
  6. Social transparency
  7. Proactive customer service post-sale
  8. Value
  9. Information available 24/7
  10. Be listened to, and heard

Having read those, what do you think? They don’t look new for us but certainly I realize just how basic they are in the first place, aren’t they? If you read them over and over again, they are about establishing a better relationship with customers.

In what other service do you think customers will demand more that’s not listed above?
Feel free to share your opinion with us in comments below.

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