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Tips For Increasing Productivity

Everyone has equally 24 hours a day and it is highly important to make the best out of it. It doesn’t mean for not resting though, rather productivity is the combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts.

Here are some tips to get you started on learning to improve productivity.
1. Delegate tasks accordingly. Learn to trust others and feel comfortable about asking for help.
2. Create to do list. Get our mind structured is the first step to get things done. One way to do it is by pen those to do list down in an agenda. I personally make use of Evernote app which is very helpful and accessible in both my devices and computers.
3. Take breaks. Productivity does not mean how many hours you sit at a desk but it’s more of the outcome without sacrificing your health.
4. Allocate times to handle email separated from doing other things. This will prevent backlog to your to do list.

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