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What Are The Functions of Advertising Agency?

What role does advertising agency plays in the world today? Advertising agency consists of several role that play important part in a lot of business today.
We can break it down to:

Account Management – Within an advertising agency the account manager or account executive is tasked with handling all major decisions related to a specific client.

Creative Team – An agency’s creative team consists of specialists in graphic design, film and audio production, copywriting, computer programming, and much more.

Researchers – Full-service advertising agencies employ market researchers who assess a client’s market situation, including understanding customers and competitors, and also are used to test creative ideas. For instance, in the early stages of an advertising campaign researchers may run focus group sessions with selected members of the client’s target market in order to get their reaction to several advertising concepts. Researchers are also used following the completion of an advertising campaign to measure whether the campaign reached its objectives.

Media Planners – Once an advertisement is created, it must be placed through an appropriate advertising media. Each advertising media, of which there are thousands, has its own unique methods for accepting advertisements, such as different advertising cost structures (i.e., what it costs marketers to place an ad), different requirements for accepting ad designs (e.g., size of ad), different ways placements can be purchased (e.g., direct contact with media or through third-party seller), and different time schedules (i.e., when ad will be run). Understanding the nuances of different media is the role of a media planner, who looks for the best media match for a client and also negotiates the best deals.

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